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Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a Clinical Psychologist and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist.​


I am somebody who seeks to:

  • Deeply understand another persons experience of their life and their past.

  • Facilitate and hold space for working through and expressing emotions.

  • Gently push people out of their comfort zone when they are stuck.

  • Develop a real relationship where I can connect with people and help them create the life they want.​

Some of my thoughts about therapy:


The goal of therapy is not to feel less deeply. The goal is to develop an inner fortitude that will hold you as you feel the myriad of emotions to their full extent.


The emotion becomes the map to self-awareness. We map out and explore the experiences (both internal and external) that feel painful, unresolved or unknown. We become familiar with them and the pain gets metabolised into something less raw and new. 


When we can be deep feeling, connected beings we open ourselves to deeper relationships. We feel safe to experience conflict, to express ourselves, to make mistakes and to reconnect. We feel less threatened by other peoples insecurities, successes or idiosyncrasies.

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I am a registered Clinical Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical psychologists. I have completed a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours from Griffith University and a Master of Clinical Psychology at Queensland University of Technology.
I have completed further training focusing on psychodynamic psychotherapy and continue to focus on this approach within my professional development. I have over 11 years experience working with both inpatient and outpatients in the private sector and within non-government organisations.

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