I am an experienced Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist based in the Brisbane CBD.

I work with people who use a lot of energy taking care of others and trying to meet other people’s expectations of them and as a result start to lose touch with themselves and who they are.

Therapy with me helps them to express themselves in their relationships and feel worthy and safe doing this. It helps them get to know themselves better and to connect with other people in a way that feels genuine and wholesome.

The people I work with struggle with the following types of problems:

Feeling resentful of the people that are important to you because you struggle to find their voice within these relationships.

Feeling like you can’t fully be yourself with other people; like something is holding you back.

Feeling anxious and like you are constantly trying to fix something but aren’t sure exactly what it is that needs fixing.

A lot of my patients lead successful lives but struggle to own their success; it just doesn’t feel like part of them.