I work with people who desperately want to fit in and be loved. They try to achieve this by taking care of everyone else and presenting a version of them to the world that they think people would like.

They quieten their inner voice and over time it becomes silenced and they no longer know who they are or what they stand for.

Relationships become hard work because they aren’t acting spontaneously or authentically. This leaves them feeling heavy with anxiety and relationship problems start to develop.


The people I see want to have relationships that are reciprocated. They want to love and to be loved for who they are without anxiety.

They want to heal their relationship with themselves. They wish to learn to listen intently to their internal voice and honour it’s message in their lives. They want to take care of themselves and allow space to really know who they are and what they want.

They seek to improve their relationships with others. They want to be able to act authentically without worry or anxiety. They want to express themselves wholeheartedly and form relationships where they feel seen and appreciated for who they are.


Therapy can help you to begin healing your relationship with yourself and others.

You can start to learn about yourself and explore your internal world. Therapy can help you to know yourself and start to integrate your various and at times conflicting experiences. It can help you make decisions that align with your true self.

Therapy can help you to start to understand your relationships. It is a space where you can consider relationship patterns, how they have developed and how they leave you feeling. You can start to form relationships where you are able to fully show up as your true self and feel genuinely connected with others.