I am a Clinical Psychologist in Brisbane. I work with people who are experiencing emotional suffering (including depression and anxiety), problems within their relationships, unresolved issues from their past (including trauma) and problems with how they are currently coping.

Some people find that the way that they cope with their problems causes even more suffering. These unhelpful coping mechanisms may include immersing themselves in their work, repeating old relationship patterns, not allowing themselves to get close to other people or acting out.

An important part of psychotherapy is gradually exploring how these coping mechanisms have developed and how they are impacting a person’s current functioning. It also involves creating a space where someone can learn about him or herself on a deeper level and heal as a result of this experience.


I am able to provide both short and long term psychotherapy however an area of interest of mine is long term psychoanalytic psychotherapy. This involves meeting regularly over a period of time and taking a holistic approach to exploring and understanding a person.